Simple Tips to Keep Your Hair Healthy & Vibrant

Healthy HairMany women love going to the hair salon to be pampered and taken care of so they can be sure their hair is healthy and luscious; especially if they weren’t exactly blessed with hair styling and managing talent. We all know how expensive this can be over time.

Many women don’t know or believe they can take great care of their own hair. However, believe it or not, the same hair care can be achieved at home and save you time and money. You don’t have to be like the professional Peoria, IL hair salon stylists to follow these easy tips.

Healthy Hair Care Tips

Shampoo Hair & Exfoliate Scalp
Shampooing hair is one of the most common and most important things for the hair. This is because many products include silicone (and other “cones”) that do not just rinse out with water. Even the natural oils of the hair won’t just rinse out if there are too much. You really need the shampoo to get in there and get it all out.

Although shampooing is very important for healthy and vibrant hair, you want to be sure you aren’t over shampooing. This can cause very dry and brittle hair since shampoo strips the hair of natural important oils. You should shampoo once a week to avoid getting rid of too much of the natural and essential oils. For people with very curly or kinky hair, you may want to shampoo even less than that due to the fact that it’s a lot harder for the natural oils to get to the ends of the hair.

When shampooing your scalp you also want to be sure to focus on just the scalp. There will be plenty of soap sliding down the hair shaft and that is just enough to cleanse the rest of the hair.

Condition for Moisture
Conditioning and deep conditioning is also very important. After shampooing and striping the hair of access chemicals and oils your hair will need conditioner. You will want a conditioner that is moisturizing in nature and that will also give you lots of slip to avoid tangles.

Finger combing is the best way to rake the conditioner through because it prevents breakage that combs can cause. When applying the conditioner you will want to start at the ends and work your way up to the top, avoiding the scalp. Your hair will provide the oils naturally for the scalp. Extra conditioner can cause nasty build up.

Protein Treatment
If your hair is chemically treated in any way you are going to want to do a protein treatment on your hair. Protein treatments are very drying so you will want to do this once or twice a month. Make sure to look for products that contain keratin. After a protein treatment, follow up with a nice, strong conditioner.

Limit Heat
Heat can be very damaging on the hair over time. It can cause brittleness, damage, and breakage if used too much. Try hairstyles that don’t require heat at all. Also try air drying. However, if you just can’t stay away from the heat, try limiting it to once a week to give your hair a break (no pun intended).

See, it’s not hard at all to achieve great hair care from the comfort of your home at a fraction of the cost. Just follow these simple rules to maintain or gain a healthy head of beautiful hair.