The Pettibon System Approach for Advanced Chiropractic Care

Pettibon System Chiropractic

The Pettibon System is an advanced and comprehensive approach to chiropractic care that’s recognized as one of the most effective spinal restoration systems.

The Pettibon System has been known to help a wide spectrum of individuals, even those with the most severe cases of scoliosis and subluxation.

Principals of The Pettibon System

The foundation of the Pettibon System approach centers on the role of gravity and how our bodies adapt to physical changes (whether acute/traumatic or progressive and long-term). For instance, if an individual falls on his or her shoulder, they could begin to take on a slightly different posture while standing, walking, sitting, etc. This new posture, which can subconsciously habituate over time, is the result of the body finding proper balance of the skulls upright position with respect to gravity.

So although this individual might now have one shoulder a bit higher than the other (due to the fall), the new head position of the skull can affect the entire system. As a result, the spine can experience changes, and thus muscles can also change and adapt, resulting in imbalances and improper bio-mechanics.chiropractic exercises

In short, the Pettibon System focuses on creating incremental change with a top down approach. A typical program will make use of head and body weights to help correct postural misalignment and promote balance through the musculoskeletal system. Additionally, patients of the Pettibon System are assigned special exercises to be performed at the chiropractic office as well as at home with certain tools. The chiropractor administering the program may also include routine spinal adjustments, in addition to other specialized chiropractic therapies like disc decompression and even laser therapy.

Experience Sustainable Change with Advanced Chiropractic Care

Unlike some chiropractors who provide routine adjustments, or a “quick fix” solution, Pettibon System chiropractors emphasize progressive change that occurs over the course of several weeks and even months. Although such an investment is daunting to some individuals, committing to chiropractic program under the Pettibon System can yield significant and sustainable changes that last the rest of the patients’ life. This is because the system looks the patient as a whole, and not just one specific problem area (e.g. low back).

A typical Pettibon-based chiropractic program is different per patient. In almost every case, the chiropractor will conduct X-rays on the patient to get a clear visual image of the spine. This enables the chiropractor to perform calculated, measurement-based adjustments that are intended to progress toward optimal spinal alignment.

There are also many phases involved in a standard Pettibon System program. For instance, some patients are introduced to certain exercises early in the program, while other patients undergo a few weeks of spinal rehab before doing any exercises.

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