Top 3 Vegan Protein Powders for Weight Loss

aloha superfood vegan protein powder weight loss-Whether for fitness or weight loss, vegan protein powders can help to lead a healthier and more balanced lifestyle for many reasons. When it comes to post-workouts or trying to lose weight, vegan protein powders can also provide a little boost to your smoothie.

While many people are very familiar with whey and the casein proteins, plant-based protein powders (like hemp protein, soy protein, pea protein, and the rice protein) are becoming more well known for their cleaner and more rapid absorption for both recovery and weight loss. Plant-based protein powders come in several distinct types. And when it comes to losing weight, some are better than others. Below we profile our picks for the top three vegan protein powders for weight loss. For more great vegan protein powder reviews, visit

1. Aloha Plant-Based Superfood Protein

Aloha Plant-Based Superfood Protein brings the nutritional benefits in a delicious, easy to blend plant-based protein powder. By slipping this product into one of your quick weight loss protein shakes or smoothies, you quickly realize how great it tastes and how full it makes you feel.

The organic, vegan protein powder is made with the pumpkin seed protein, hemp seed protein, and pea protein for a remarkable punch of 18 grams of the protein per serving – without any artificial fillers or chemicals. And though it may be soy-free, gluten-free, and dairy-free, Aloha Plant-Based Superfood Protein is definitely rich in flavor. (When you try this plant-based protein powder in the shake recipe which is primarily dairy-based, you would swear it was the actual thing from its rich flavor and texture.)

Try their wild-harvested vanilla or fair-trade organic cacao powder swirled into a fast shake with half a frozen banana for the ice cream-like texture and the tablespoon of the nut butter for gratifying healthy fats and some added protein.

2. Garden of Life RAW Proteingarden of life raw vegan protein powder weight loss-

Garden of Life RAW Protein is a complete protein that showcases 13 organic and raw sprouted protein, with 17 grams per serving. Additionally, not only is this one the best vegan protein powders for weight loss, but contains all of the vital amino acids your body requires. Just ensure you whip up your smoothie using a healthy avocado or nutter butter.

Garden of Life RAW Protein is loaded with the fat-soluble vitamins K, E, D, and A that can only be totally absorbed by your body when combined with a healthy fat. The unflavored version of this vegan protein powder works as a great option for those looking for a transparent and barely-noticeable addition in their of life raw fit vegan protein powder weight loss-

For the additional benefits of weight loss, try the Garden of Life RAW Fit protein line. It is a vegan protein powder that’s formulated to boost your weight loss, jumpstart your metabolism, and even maintain healthy levels of blood sugar. Additionally, this line is all-natural and free of dangerous additives.

3. PlantFusion Vegan Protein

PlantFusion vegan protein powder, you can select from a variety of some unique flavors such as cream and cookies and chocolate raspberry with this blend of pea and the artichoke (yes, artichoke) protein and the proprietary enzyme blend.

plantfusion vegan protein powder weight loss-PlantFusion vegan protein powder also carries quinoa and the amaranth, a prehistoric grain brimming with nutrients which may prevent cancer and have some anti-inflammatory properties. The 21 grams of the protein per serving should be sufficient to convince you to ultimately part with your earlier tub of whey.

For a no-effort and delicious vegan protein shake, non-dairy milk of choice, combine PlantFusion vegan protein powder with 2 tablespoons almond butter, half a banana, and a sprinkle of cinnamon and cream protein powder. You can also throw in essential of spinach for great measure; you will not detect the mild-tasting green through the sweet cinnamon and powder. Even though these protein sources are not quite as famous as whey and casein, they’re absolutely important for some vegans and vegetarians.

A Final Review on Vegan Protein Powders

Contrary to common belief, several plant based proteins do contain vital amino acids, but not in similar amounts as those obtained from animal sources such as dairy and eggs.

It’s possible to acquire all 9 essential amino acids needed for muscle growth and maximum bodily function with the balanced vegan diet. Protein-rich supplements are the ideal accompaniment to that particular diet for all hard-training athletes.

The major benefit of the plant-based protein powders is that they appear to be much easier on digestive tract than other animal sources.

Heart Disease & Your Oral Health

Oral Health & Heart DiseaseThere’s a link between heart health and oral health that not everyone knows about yet. The truth is, your oral health can provide clues about your overall condition – and this is especially true when it comes to your heart.

The Symptoms of Gum Disease

Many of the risk factors for gum disease are the same as the ones for heart disease. These include tobacco use, poor nutrition, and diabetes. This means that if you have a chronic gum condition, you may be at higher risk of a heart attack. Symptoms and warning signs of gum disease include red and swollen gums, bleeding gums, receding gums, bad breath, and loose teeth. Inflammation is a problem in both conditions.

Oral Bacteria and the Body

“Research shows that many diseases of the body and its systems have oral symptoms, but we don’t know exactly why. It’s possible that bacteria from infected gums release toxins that can enter the bloodstream and increase clot formation,” said Brad Anderson, a dentist in Fargo, ND. “Bacteria may cause the liver to increase its production of certain proteins that inflame blood vessels. This triggers clot formation.”

Because clots decrease blood flow to the heart, this increases your risk of heart attacks and strokes. Some studies say that people with chronic gum disease have thicker blood vessels in their neck, so there could be anatomical connection as well.

Is There a Direct Link Between Oral Health and Heart Disease?

Although research hasn’t yet determined if a direct links exists between gum health and heart health, studies have shown that gum disease is a risk factor for coronary artery disease and for diseases of the blood vessels and arteries that supply the brain. They’ve shown links between gum disease and clogged arteries in the leg, as well. However, a fully vetted connection has been, so far, difficult to prove.

However, it does show that if you treat your teeth and gums for symptoms of periodontal disease, your overall health may improve. 

More research is needed to fully understand the relationship between oral health and heart disease, but indications are good that a connection exists. This means that regular visits to your dentist, and paying attention to your oral health isn’t just great for your smile, it may also yield unexpected dividends in terms of heart health, too.

Medical Billing Strategies for Health Centers & Private Practices

Medical billing can very tricky, especially if you do no have the necessary skills or staff. However, with the right software, medical billing system, and proper electronic health records of patients, the entire medical billing process becomes a bit more seamless. billing for medical practice

In order to realize better returns, it is important to implement the right strategies and billing systems. While for some specialized health centers, it might be best to consult a specialist who is experienced in medical billing. But for many, the systems can be optimized in-house with the right set of resources.

However on the note of highly specialized health centers, such as FQHCs, investing in a billing service might be worth the money. This is because FQHC billing and other unique forms of medical billing are very complicated and cannot be handled by an ameteur. But regardless of whether you operate a surgery clinic or chiropractic center, here are five medical billing strategies that work across the board for all types of health and medical centers, as well as private practices.

Take Advantage of Software & Technology

There are several medical billing software platforms to choose from. It is up to you to select the appropriate software that can comfortably match the needs of your facility. Note that billing applications come with a wide range of features that you can be taking advantage of.

With the presence of advanced medical billing software and technology in hospitals, managing the entire claim procedure is not only easy, but also faster. This implies that technology improves workflow since it has replaced the traditional way of keeping records. The improvement in the medical field has made it possible to share information or even claim status tracking as well as billing for a number of sites and providers.

Maintain Electronic Health Records

Electronic health records are used in hospitals, health centers, and medical clinics alike to keep records. Before electronic health records were introduced, paper records were well-known throughout the world. Today, things have changed, making it possible to share or store details, or information electronically. electronic health records

This kind of data stored in a computer or database can be retrieved at any time of the day. Keeping records on papers is not only expensive, but also difficult to retrieve and share.

In addition, papers can occupy a lot of space. On the other hand, EHRs are more organized, safe and easy to retrieve information. As a result, the health care has to embrace the modern advancement in record keeping so as handle medical billing process with greater accountability and performance.

Create & Utilize Service Contracts

Many people understand that running operating a medical billing business can be tricky, particularly if the right groups are not involved. Some of the parties that you should get in touch with include the medical practice, medical facility and general practitioner. It is prudent to sign a contract with the concern parties for each and every activity and how the payment will be made. It is worth noting that having a billing contract is a way to stress professionalism and safeguard medical billing agency as well as physicians.

Gather As Much Information As Possiblegathering patient info

This is another way to assist the medical billing process in an effort to improve performance and to make sure that the details are both complete and accurate. All details of the patient should be recorded, including full name, place of birth, age, sex, contact address, date, insurance company, place of work and more. In a case where the patient fails to pay medical bills, the issue is forwarded to a collection agency.

Communicate Diligently

Communicating well with patients can reduce the possibility of confusion as far as medical bills are concern. To avoid such from happening, professionals are required to post all billing details in a location that can be accessed by everybody. This way one can optimize patient payment process.

How to Optimize The Web Presence of Your Health Practice

web presence health and medicalIncreasing the web presence of your health and wellness practice is not rocket science. The Internet is a powerful and under-utilized tool by many professionals in optimizing the web presence to attract more patients or clients.

There are many ways to go about web presence optimization and building awareness in your health practice. From search engine optimization to getting listed on important local directory websites, below we share a few ways in which you can optimize the web presence of your health and wellness practice.

Start With Research

Go to Google and type in the keywords that you think your audience uses to look for your services and products online. For instance, if you are a Yoga instructor, you should type in “yoga classes,” “yoga courses” or something like that on Google.

Go to the bottom of the page and you will find out related phrases. These are the things people need to know, and you should build your website around those phrases. In addition to this, you will find out what your audience really wants so that you can give them just that. Research is the best food for thought when it comes to developing many web presence optimization strategies that will grow your business.

Build a Website is an excellent service to buy a domain name, and you should do it right away. Hostgator is also an outstanding hosting provider that you should use to host your website. You can go to Fiverr or Elance to have your website done in a matter of days. Or you can also learn how to build a website with This is a great service and you won’t spend an arm and a leg to build a good-looking, easy-to-navigate website in no time.

Google Adwords and Bing

Google Adwords and Bing offer excellent pay per click (PPC) advertising services that you can use immediately once you have a website or web presence created. Since PPC advertising is not a stroll in the park, you should hire a PPC advertising expert to at least set up your account and show you how to use it. A great place for PPC help, SEO, and web presence optimization is the Web Presence engines

These PPC advertising services will give you tons of traffic in a matter of minutes, and you will be increasing your bottom line in no time. In addition to this, you should have a decent advertising budget so that you can keep spending your money till you get the results you seek.

SEO and Social Media

Search engine optimization or SEO is very important to get targeted traffic for your website. Type in the key words that are related to your service in Google. Look at your competitors’ sites so that you can design a website that is different from theirs.

Hire a SEO expert so that you can focus your efforts on your bottom line. Hiring a social media manager (perhaps at sites like Elance or UpWork) is very important too so that you can engage your audience and increase your SEO traffic at the same time.

Local Listings

Local directories are very powerful for web presence optimization. First, use Google+ Local to establish your web presence. Search for health and wellness related directories to build your practice’s local listings. Some of the best are,, and others. You can even hire the services of a Internet marketing company to help you get listed on various top directories.

Marketing companies listed at are reliable, and you should hire a web markerting company from this trusted site right away. By getting top local rankings you will increase your bottom line getting more market share at the same time.

5 Chiropractic Innovations in Spinal Correction Technology

Chiropractic is a non-surgical approach to treat spinal injuries and correct misalignment throughout the spinal and skeletal system. In the past, chiropractic care relied heavily on manual adjustments and spinal manipulation to produce changes in a patient’s spine.

However today, chiropractic treatment methods have greatly advanced due to introduction of numerous advanced treatment approaches as well as innovative chiropractic technologies. Here are top five latest chiropractic innovations that greatly improve the efficiency of spinal correction.

1. The K-Laser Therapy laser therapy chiropractic

The K-laser therapy is a kind of cold laser therapy and is one of the most popular laser therapy for chiropractic care. This laser therapy involves use of specific light wavelengths to produce therapeutic effects. Some of these therapeutic effects include pain reduction, increased circulation, reduced stiffening, decreased swelling and improved recovery time.

Besides that, this therapy accelerates generation of cells in the damaged tissues specifically those that surrounds the spine. Not to mention, K-laser pain is also relieved at a faster rate since the injured area returns to normal fairly fast. Since K–laser is quick, safe, and virtually painless and has no side effects, it is very popular among many chiropractors.

2. Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy

Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy ChiropracticAnother recent technology in chiropractic care is the extracorporeal shock wave therapy. This therapy involves use high energy shock waves known as therapeutic ultrasounds to treat various musculoskeletal injuries. This shock wave conveys mechanical force to various injured tissues thereby healing them.

Aside from that, this method is also non invasive and normally relies on pressure waves in healing various musculoskeletal conditions. Some of tissue injuries treated using extracorporeal shock wave therapy includes muscle strains, tendon problems and chronic degenerative conditions.

3. Spinal Decompression

Spinal decompression is yet another modern chiropractic care technology and is considered to be one of the most effective chiropractic practice. This technique uses special traction table aimed at stretching as well as relaxing the spine. Traditionally, spinal decompression involved application of steady force to the injured part of the patient’s body in order to relax the muscles and joint. However with advancement in technology, this method has greatly evolved.

spinal decompression table

Today, spinal decompression is carried out using modern machines and the force of traction on the spine is managed using a computer. These machines have high efficiency and also eliminate muscular contraction responses. Besides that these newer technological innovations have improved protocol tables and today these tables are more relaxing and effective. Besides that, these modern tables can be adjusted easily to meet the patient’s needs.

A good example of modern spinal decompression machine is the disc decompression machine specifically the Rehab Spinal System. This machine is simply an epitome of performance and is perhaps one of the best spine decompression machines.

4. Insight Subluxation Station

Insight Subluxation StationThe Insight Subluxation Station is another technological innovation that has greatly improved chiropractic treatments. Although subluxation is a method that has been used for many years to treat spinal injuries, it has evolved and new innovations have been made leading to development of subluxation station.

This machine is highly effective, reliable and effective in treatment of chiropractic conditions. Insight subluxation station helps the chiropractor to diagnose the exact location of spinal problem very easily since it is very accurate. It was developed and patented by space foundation and has various application to increase the accuracy of chiropractors.

5. Adjustments Instruments chiropractic adjustment instrument

Cervical spine adjustment is another very important technique used by both old school and modern chiropractors. However this method is very complex and normally requires specialized chiropractors.

Recent innovations have led to development of spinal adjustment instruments that reduce both spinal inflammation and pain. A good example of such machine is the PulStar G3 Precision adjuster.

The PulStar, which is shown in the image to your right, is a unique adjustment device that provides the level of spinal manipulation needed to create meaningful change in the patient, but without the cracking noise associated with manual adjustments done by the chiropractor.

Before speaking a chiropractor about these technologies, check to ensure your insurance covers these treatments. Most BCBS chiropractors are able to provide these advanced treatments under most patients’ coverage plans.

You can find some of these advanced chiropractic treatments by connected with the following chiropractor located in Berkeley, CA.

Hamilton Chiropractic Offices
1313 Gilman St, Ste B
Berkeley, CA 94706
Phone: (510) 526-3362


Surgery Billing Strategies & Solutions for All Types of Surgeons

The profession of a surgeon is not an easy one. They need to perform a variety of functions which range from working with patients to calculate finances. They need to do a lot of things, but surgery billing is the most challenging task of a doctor because it is associated with several issues.surgeon medical billing solutions strategies

Surgery is a vast field of healthcare and it covers multiple sub-specialties. Here is an analysis of some of the most effective strategies that can be applied to your surgery billing systems. You may be a surgery clinic manager or a surgeon. But, adoption of these strategies help to make surgery billing activity as efficient as possible.

Highly-Effective Surgery Billing Strategies & Solutions

Below we offer some insights as to how surgeons can leverage some of the most effective surgery billing strategies and solutions available. For more information on surgery medical billing, resources, and services, click here.

1. Maintain Electronic Health Records

Record keeping has significant role in making surgeries as effective as possible. It is helpful for tracing and determining all records of all patients and check out whether the bill is paid or not. It is highly beneficial to keep health records electronically because it is not prone to misplacement or alteration.

Though simple, it is a highly effective billing technique. It is the safest way to keep records because of the advancements of cloud computing. Cloud storage allows surgeons storing records permanently, so it is easy to retrieve records of a particular patient without any problems. Many plastic surgery billing service providers adopt this technique from the beginning when consulting with surgeons and in-house billing operations.

2. Medical Billing Software surgery medical billing software

This is the other beneficial strategy for surgery billing procedure. Medical billing software can make things more professional and easier. At the same time, such software allows doctors to communicate to the patients directly through telephone calls or internet. You can improve your billing system immensely by adopting the best medical billing software. While investing in such software might be a perplexing endeavor and a learning curve, working with surgery/medical billing consultant can often times get you the access and training needed for integrated such software.

3. Create One-on-One Sessions With Patients

This is highly helpful for improving the relationship between surgeons and patients. It enables surgeons to know the financial status of clients, which is helpful for doctors to determine which bills can be settled more efficiently and smoothly. In such a way, surgeons can improve their medical billing system without facing further problems.

4. Submit Surgery Bills to Patients on Time

Previously, surgeons were not punctual to submit surgery bills to the patients. This was the major problem of billing systems in the past. If the doctors submit surgery bills to the patients on time, this problem can be solved. It is also helpful for improving the billing systems as well.

5. Get Information Regarding the Insurance Policies of Patients

insurance medical billingIn most cases, major surgery operations are excluded from insurance policies. However, it is important to talk with patients regarding their insurance policies before commencing the procedure. In such a way, surgeons can determine whether their insurer covers for the type of procedure they are going to undertake.

If the insurer excluded the procedure in their statements, they can ask about it on time. In such a way, you can eliminate the cases of delayed settlement of surgery bills. This is also helpful for improving the billing system of patients.

To construct specific billing strategies for establishing a more effective billing system, you can consult with a surgery billing consultant or advisor. When you consult them as a plastic surgeon, they can teach you about the methods they are using to make this process perfect and come out successful at the end of the day. You will also get custom-tailored, individualized solutions from a professional. It is helpful for you to increase your success rate and make the best decision.

5 Tips on How to Hire a Coach or Personal Trainer

Coaches and personal fitness trainers help people reach their fitness and athletic goals. Athletic coaches and personal trainers alike are ideal in cases where one has been training without shedding those extra pounds or for people set out in achieving specific fitness goals or to excel in their chosen sport.

Choosing the best athletic coach or personal trainer is quite tricky but you can make the process easier by keeping some factors in mind. The following are tips on how to hire an athletic  training coach or personal trainer.

Personal trainer

1. Experience and Certification

It is always advisable to go for certified and experienced fitness trainers. You should go further and ask about the details of their certification and experience which includes the number of years the trainer has been offering professional services, success stories, education level and the certification board.

Some of the best certifications that you may consider include the American Council of Exercise (ACE), Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA), National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and National Strength and Conditioning (NSCA).

It is also good to remember that experience and right certification aren’t a guarantee that the trainer will help you get good results. Subsequently, the trainer should have several references to share with you in form of written materials, audio and video testimonials.

2. Equipment and Commitment

athletic performance trainingThe fitness sector is no different from the rest. There are some people who are in the business but aren’t committed to help achieve your goals. Consequently, it is advisable to go a fitness coach who have the personality, commitment and knowledge required for the job.

Some clues of commitment include the presence of documented systems, right equipment and incorporation of other methods to boost your training efforts. Good gym hard workouts aren’t enough to help you reach a peak level of fitness and health. The trainer should have a solid system that takes care of supplements, metabolic rate, body conditioning and cardiovascular workouts throughout the entire program.

3. Check for Referrals

It is the best way to look for a reliable personal fitness trainer. You can ask friends and family members who have hired an athletic coach in the past. Enquire about their experience and whether they can hire the coach again.

ferrals will help you get a trustworthy coach, especially if you have friends who are already getting results. However, it is good to do your homework to confirm whether the fitness coach is good for your personality and needs.

4. Cost Coaching or Training Services

In addition to any gym or fitness center membership fees, hiring a personal trainer or athletic coach can cost you a significant amount of money. The value of good personal trainers or coaches is priceless but you should aim at working with trainers within your budget to avoid breaking your bank. Since there is no regulation on pricing, the pricing will vary with the location of the trainer, specialized sessions and experience. Be sure to enroll in programs that you can afford because an effective training program takes time and it has long-term plans and goals for you.

5. Trial Workouts and Training Programs

Athletic coaches who are confident about their programs don’t hesitate to offer free trials. They are determined to make sure you discover what they can do for you during the trials workouts. This is very beneficial since it will make a better decision depending on the results of the trial period, experience, personality and commitment of the trainer.

It is clear that you can make the process of finding and hiring a fitness coach friendlier. You only need to keep the above considerations in mind and follow them to the letter. So, be sure to consider them and for real, you will be assured of a personal trainer who will definitely help achieve your fitness goals.

Bloomington Chiropractor Cultivates Advanced Treatment Programs

Bly Hillman Chiropractic Clinic Bloomington ILGaining recognition far beyond his local focus in central Illinois, Dr. Timothy Bly of Bloomington, IL combines the latest spinal health technologies with the newest and most advanced chiropractic techniques to provide some of the most groundbreaking treatment programs for patients all over the U.S.

As a graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic, Dr. Bly has earned recognition for owning and operating one of the most highly-sought chiropractic clinics in the nation. Additionally, his office is known as one of the largest student practices in the state of Illinois.

More Than Just a Bloomington Chiropractor

Tim Bly ChiropractorDr. Bly has earned his certification in acupuncture and has even visited China to study acupuncture there. His large 5,000 square foot state-of-the-art chiropractic facility is one of the first of its kind to make use of the Pulstar technique.

This technique involves use of computers and space-age technologies – both of which help in scientifically analyzing and correcting dysfunctional spines. Dr. Bly is also an expert when it comes to using the latest spinal decompression techniques.

He is equally adept at using cold laser therapy to both further improve his treatment as well as correct various spinal ailments. His expertise and knowledge has definitely enhanced chiropractic care.

Chiropractic Care Driven by Innovation

The high quality and advanced treatment programs practiced by Dr. Bly include different techniques and technologies as well as treatments. Here is a look at some of the advanced treatments offered by Dr. Bly.

Laser Therapy

laser therapy for chiropractic careLaser therapy has been found to be very useful in enhancing the healing process. There are certain light frequencies that actually help to both bring down inflammation and also improve the healing process. Contrary to popular belief, the laser therapy offered by Dr. Bly does not involve strong beams of light that are capable of cutting through steel. On the contrary, the cold laser technique employed by Dr. Bly makes use of a very miniscule amount of power and the benefit to the patient comes from the light frequency instead of its intensity.

There are a specific light frequencies that are capable of performing some very interesting things on patients including healing their wounds, reducing inflammation, managing pain and regenerating cells as well as reducing scar tissues. Although scientists are not uniformly sure about the exact workings of low level lasers they do know that it does work.


Pro AdjusterThe Pro-Adjuster is an advanced subluxation correction technique. It makes use of latest technology to provide gentle as well as efficient adjustment of the vertebrae and various joints in the body. When the chiropractor tries to adjust the spine or joints manually he or she has to rely on touch to find out the location of the subluxation.

However, with Pro-Adjuster the chiropractor can make use of latest technology to perform the same actions and provide a gentler approach that is good for both very young and old patients. If you opt for the Pro-Adjuster technique then the Bloomington chiropractor will sit you down in a special chair and then he or she will move a small instrument (U-shaped) down the spine. At the same time, the chiropractor will touch each of your vertebras to allow Pro-Adjuster to locate areas where there is misalignment.

Once this is done the chiropractor then places the instrument on the problem area and the machine will then make use of a number of gentle taps to align the vertebra. Pro-Adjuster can also be used on joints such as the shoulder and jaw. The same technique is used on the joints as on the vertebrae.

Find Chiropractor Dr. Bly in Bloomington, IL

To learn more about Bloomington, IL chiropractor, Dr. Timothy Bly, follow the address and contact information below:

Bly-Hillman Chiropractic
2501 E College Ave. Ste. C
Bloomington, IL 61704
Phone: (309) 661-1155

You can also learn more about this Bloomington chiropractic clinic at Yelp, Facebook, and Google+.

Highly-Effective Medical Billing & Coding Tips for FQHCs

Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) are local community health centers that are dedicated to serving the underprivileged. Because of this dedication, they receive grants and qualify for more reimbursement from Medicare and Medicaid. FQHCs differ from regular practices because they must cater to an underserved region or demographic, provide many encompassing services, offer a sliding fee scale, and have a quality assurance program that is ongoing.

Health center employees engaged in FQHC billing need to know that FQHCs can be paid utilizing one of two methods. They can be paid on a prospective payment basis, or they may be paid under an alternative payment method that is approved individual FQHCs.

fqhc healthcare employee

Awareness and understanding of the basic principles and best practices of FQHC billing (like the latter point about billing methods) is vital to improve the overall collections process for these community health centers. Below we offer more by sharing several effective medical billing and coding tips for FQHCs.

Communicate With Patients Strategically

Medical billing employees can help the staff at the FQHC by clearly posting all of the billing information spelled out clearly and in an obvious location around where the patient checks in. Included in this should be requirements for insurance, upfront payments that are necessary, co-payments and a breakdown of the billing procedure.

When patients come in, collect their demographics and obtain a copy of their insurance card. This will streamline the coding process and allowing you to submit claims more quickly. Bring a policy to the clinic that all patients must show government-issued identification at check-in, then make a copy and keep it in their records.

Use Technology to Maximize Effectiveness

Always use the most up-to-date software for FQHC billing, so that you have the luxury of quickly figuring out if claims will be accepted or denied. There are changes in medical billing rules constantly, and these programs automatically update as the rules regarding FQHC billing change. This will help medical billing staff identify new trends that occur in denials, which can help improve billing for health centers and FQHCs.

Collect Full Patient Information to Increase Billing Efficiency

Take the time to be sure that the patient’s information is both accurate and complete. It is essential to get a patient’s full name, work information, address, and birth date as well as multiple phone numbers.

This is critical when working with insurance companies and as part collection procedures if the patients ignore requests for payment. Be sure to ask patients for their social security number – this will be helpful if you need to turn your non-payments over to a collector.

Maintain Electronic Health Records of Patients

The electronic health record is a record of a patient’s health information which is created by a meeting in a care delivery setting. This record includes demographics, problems, progress notes, vital signs, medications, any relevant past medical history, lab data, immunizations and radiology reports. Using EHRs will improve and automate your workflow.

It has the power to create a complete record of a patient encounter, and also helps other related activities, like outcomes reporting and quality management. Further, it will save your FQHC billing staff hours of time because it is so efficient. Medical billing professionals do not have to worry about dealing with unnecessary papers and files as the records are electronic.

If you start with these five tips, you will be on your way to more proficient FQHC billing in no time. These FQHC billing tips and strategies were provided by Practice Management a leading provider of medical billing services with a high degree of expertise in FQHC billing solutions.

Health Risks Associated With Synthetic Clothing Dyes

For as far back as the early 1700s, many fabrics contained dye that was made from natural substances such as plants, animals and minerals. However, all that changed around 1856 when scientists discovered that it was possible for them to create synthetic dyes that could be applied to foods, building material and clothing.

clothing dye

And while it may be true that synthetic dyes revolutionized the clothing business sector and made them more affordable to manufacture and thus, more cost efficient for the consumer as an end result, one of the downsides to this is that alarming research has been demonstrating that synthetic dyes that are used in clothing, food and certain materials such as plastic and rubber, have been causing a variety of illnesses that we were not aware of before.

The Problem With Synthetic Clothing Dye

The problem with synthetic dyes lies with the fact that most dyes that are used for clothing and hair related uses contain chemicals that are carcinogenic and are highly toxic. A prime example of this would be the chemical aniline, a popular chemical that is used as a compound for a dye that is primarily used in the agricultural, polymer and rubber industries.

Back in 1992, a research that was submitted to the Environmental Protection Agency found that short term exposure to this pollutant caused a variety of adverse side effects such as: congestion, bladder tumor and upper respiratory tract irritation. Some other prime examples of chemicals that are used to create dyes that pose a significant health risk include:

  • Toxic heavy metals such as copper, zinc which are categorized as being carcinogenic.
  • Formaldehyde has been suspected of causing cancer.
  • Dioxin suspected of being carcinogenic and suspected of being a possible hormone disruptor.

Effects On Adults

Besides the fact that most, if not all of the chemicals that are used to create synthetic clothing dyes contain carcinogenic properties, they can prove to be especially harmful to adults who are chemically sensitive. Some of the reported health problems that have been associated with synthetic dye include:

  • Inability to concentrate
  • Migraines
  • Constant feeling of being tired
  • Cancer
  • Seizures
  • Sore muscles
  • Upset stomach
  • Irregular breathing and heartbeat pattern.

Effects On Children Neon Tank Tops Custom Design

Children in particular are especially prone to acquiring a health problem due to being exposed to fabric, food or toys that contain synthetic dyes. The problem with this is that as children gradually grow older, their immune system is still in its infancy stage and has not developed to the point whereby it can easily fend off the toxins that are within artificial dyes.

As such, whenever children get exposed to these harmful chemicals, over a period of time it can alter their development which can cause long lasting and in some cases health problems that may last for the entirety of that child’s life. Some of the reported development related issues that occur within children that have been exposed to an abundance of these chemicals include:

  • Poor brain and heart growth development.
  • Behavioral problems.
  • Interference with basic learning skills such as math, writing and reading.
  • ADD-like symptoms such as hyperactivity and difficulty concentrating on one task for too long.

Safer Alternatives for Dying Clothing

As the medical community continues to conduct various studies on the dangers that are associated with synthetic clothing dyes, some medical experts have taken it upon themselves to to advise the public that their are natural ingredients that can be used as Eco-friendly dyes. Some of them include:

      • Silkworms that have been fed florescent blue produces permanent hue.
      • Onion skins produce yellow/orange dye.
      • Dandelion roots can be used as a brown dye.
      • Lavender can be used as a pink dye.
      • Red cabbage can be used as a purple dye.
      • Hyacinth flowers can be used to create blue dye.
      • Iris roots can be used to create gray/black dye.

For insight, check out this great article on Synthetic vs. Natural Dyes for clothing.