Organic Baby Toys: A Healthier Alternative to Conventional Toys

Organic Wooden Block ToyAs a parent, you want the best for your young baby; from the perfect baby nutrition, to the safest baby car seat, and to the safest and growth-enabling toys. But, one of the mistakes that parents do is shop for toys blindly not knowing the serious implications of doing so.

Baby toys can be classified into to primary types: organic baby toys and the conventional/in-organic baby toys. Most parents think that all toys are safe for their toddlers and babies because the manufacturers state that they are.

However, the truth is that the conventional toys can pose a lot of health risks to the growing children, especially when sourced from foreign countries. In this article, we take a look at a few reasons why organic baby toys are considered to be a healthier alternative to conventional baby toys.

Organic Toys are Made from 100% All Natural Materials

Organic baby-toys are manufactured from natural materials that do not contain toxins. This ensures well being and health for the baby as he/she plays and grows. Even though most toy manufacturers claim that conventional toys are safe for the babies as they have very little amounts of toxic elements in them. It is important to note that the baby will likely play with these toys for a very long period, and its cumulative affect for those years is what causes the dangers of conventional baby toys.

Organic Baby Toys are Non-Allergenic

A baby’s skin has never been exposed to allergens and is unlikely to tolerate them. Most conventional toys contain allergens which may leave a nasty or even a life threatening reaction when they come in contact with the baby’s skin. But with the organic baby toys made in USA, this is not the case as they are made from natural occurring materials like cotton wool and wood that are safe, non allergenic and gentle for the baby’s tender skin.

Organic Baby Toys are Eco Friendly Organic Toys Baby

Conventional baby toys are the main contributors to environmental pollution and degradation as they are non biodegradable and can’t be broken down using the natural-biological processes. Meaning, if you no longer need them or if they are broken, they’ll end up in landfills – a present ecological problem.

However, the organic toys are biodegradable and are unlikely to affect the environment. Therefore, it best suits to choose organic toys. Remember, one of the biggest threats to the human race is global warming. Therefore, it’s our duty to avert this problem.

Organic Toys Can Improve a Baby’s Cognitive Development

Organic baby-toys are simpler as compared to conventional toys that are known to be overly stimulating. Their simplicity encourages toddlers to use their artisanship and ingenuity so as to engage in more creative play thus improving his/her cognitive development.

These are just some of the benefits of organic toys over the conventional toys. If you are a parent having a toddler or a small baby, you need to consider getting the organic baby rather than the conventional to ensure the proper health and well being of your child as he/she grows. As I sum up, it is crystal clears that if we continue buying conventional toys, we all have a doomed future. Switch to organic baby toys.