Are Natural Toys for Toddlers Healthier Than Conventional Toys?

For many parents, the decision of which kinds of toys to buy their growing toddler is a big decision. Toys have a massive influence on a toddlers growth, not only through cognitive development, but also the physical health of a child. natural toys toddlers

While some parents opt for natural toys for toddlers, most parents are turned-off by the simplicity and lack of bells and whistles that most mainstream toys offer.

This mindset couldn’t be further from the truth, as most natural toys for toddlers are crafted in such a way to promote mindful engagement while fostering creativity, imagination, and natural cognitive development. In addition, natural toys are made from materials that are free of any potentially harmful chemicals that are common in today’s plastic toys on the market.

So if you’re a parent who is on the fence about buying natural toys for your growing toddler, below are couple compelling reasons why going natural will help grow a resilient, creative, and intelligent human being.

Natural Toys Induce Natural Forms of Development

natural toyFrom deductive reasoning to creativity, there are many forms of development that toddler goes through during the young stages of growth. While many toys help to foster such development in these various areas of growth, natural toys are one of the best. Why?

Unlike conventional toys that quiz toddlers, making noises, and strive to keep them engaged, much of this learning is limited and often times passive. The simplicity of the best natural toys for toddlers enables children to think independently without immediate reinforcement. As a result, toddlers can tap into various parts of their growing brains and naturally increase cognition in different areas of development.

Natural Toys are Free of Harmful Substances

Perhaps one of the most important and popular reasons why some parents choose natural toys for their toddlers is because these types of toys are made from organic and 100% natural materials that free of harmful substances. While many conventional toys are made of plastics that contain leaching chemicals (that are infamous for all types of health problems and growth defects,) natural toys offer a safe solution.

Parallel to this point is the fact that natural toys are often sustainably manufactured and harvested from wood and plants. These derivatives are harvested and used in an eco-friendly manner, which helps sustain the health of our environment, as well as our children.