Is Chiropractic Care Right For You?

The primary intention of chiropractic care is to enhance the relationship between the structure of your body and its functionality. Chiropractors focus their treatment on the neuromusculoskeletal system and how the system affects how your body performs. Many people are turning to chiropractic treatment for pain relief, improved mobility, and to live more comfortably.Chiropractic Care

If you go to a chiropractor’s office, you will find many different people like athletes, children and pregnant women coming for treatment. However, a visit to your chiropractor may or may not be in your best interests. If you’re unsure of whether or not visiting your local chiropractor can help with your situation, below we share the most common benefits of chiropractic care.

Chiropractic Care for Pain Management

If you are an athlete or you have had an injury, then you will realize that sometimes, pain can be unbearable. Even with strong pain killers, you find yourself feeling the pain just after a short while. Chiropractic care can be very useful when it comes to pain management.

Since the treatment revolves around locating nervous stress and disorders and treating them, the chiropractors will help you get rid of pain fast and permanently. They treatment also helps to strengthen your muscles and improve nervous operations around them thus giving you a healthy and stress free body. You will also be advised on activities that will reduce your pain.

Chiropractors Can Help to Improve Mobility Chiropractic Care for Mobility

Sometimes all you need to increase your range of movement which chiropractors can most definitely help with. If you have sustained serious injuries that are rendering you immobile then you should consider getting this kind of treatment. It will help your body regain its strength and you will be able to move gain. Although the process will be gradual especially for bad injuries, you will be able to recover.

The treatment of a chiropractor is not by use of drugs but by making your body improve itself. Chiropractors will give you exercises and procedures that you can see to bring back the mobility you lost during your injury. They even help pregnant women who cannot move well because of their pregnancy.

Chiropractic to Strengthen Immunity

The immune system is very important in improving your health and maintaining a good overall performance of your body. The most important advantage that comes with chiropractic care is increasing the functionality of your immune system. It has been proven by numerous studies that those people who seek chiropractic care are less likely to get sick and affected regularly by diseases. For example, the patients of Bloomington, IL chiropractic office,, have noted experiencing less sickness during the cold months in Bloomington, Illinois.

Chiropractic Care for Enhanced Living

Hamilton Chiropractic BerkeleySince chiropractors deal directly with your body, it is very essay for them to realize other problems that you might have missed. In such cases, they will treat the problem and if they can’t, you will be referred to another doctor who is specialized in those cases.

Adding chiropractic care to your daily lifestyle is a very good decision. This will help you and your families get in shape and maintain a healthy life. Your body has the ability to regulate and heal itself.

The main parts that control it are the spinal cord and the nervous system. If the two are in good shape and are well taken care of, then you can heal with minimal use of drugs. Chiropractic care is good for everyone. Even children can be helped with this treatment especially those with slow growth.

Stay Supple With These 5 Tools for Self Massage

massage roller

Shown here is the GRID foam roller from Trigger Point – a great massage tool that’s a step-up from traditional foam rollers.

Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast, high-end athlete, or purely want to keep your body supple, massage is a great way to improve mobility, optimize athletic performance and enhance your life.

Tight muscles, knots, and adhesions come about in many ways: rigorous training, poor posture, etc. To seek relief, you don’t have to visit a massage therapist. Instead, invest in a couple self-massage tools that can enable you to free-up tight muscles on your own.

Below we highlight five of our favorite at-home massage tools and how each is used to effectively mimic certain massage techniques. So save yourself costly massage therapy sessions, and scope out some of the tools we highlight below.

1. The Stick

The Stick will help you tackle areas that foam rollers don’t. The foam roller relies on the pressure generated by your body weight. However, with this option, you are pressing in with your own muscles, so you dictate the level of intensity. Use it in areas where your body weight won’t bring long-lasting results.

Check out the stick by visiting

2. The Rumble Roller Rumble Roller Massage

To aim precisely on the knotted muscle fibers, you need to use a thumb-like movement on those areas. But if a massage therapist is not available at the time, you can use this tool instead, and your muscles will loosen up, tension will go away to make you feel relaxed once again.

The Rumble Roller is much more aggressive compared to its counterpart, the foam roller, because of the ability to penetrate deeper into the muscle tissues and precisely target trigger joints. If you’re a high level athlete, check out the Rumble Roller by Rogue Fitness.

3. Massage Balls

Your self-massage arsenal should include a lacrosse ball, or two. Although there are many different massage-specific balls available, the lacrosse ball is cheap and highly effective. The benefit of owning this massage tool is that you can use it on any part of your body. Lacrosse Ball Massage

For instance, you can massage your hamstrings, calves, glutes, shoulder, chest and so forth. They have a tendency of targeting deep tissues that rollers just can’t quite reach.

Lacrosse balls are designed to mimic the deep massage pressure of an elbow or a thumb. They also offer pressure that’s really firm, plus the outer fibrous layer helps to keep the ball in one place. They offer the best trigger-point massage therapy at home.

4. Trigger Point’s GRID Foam Roller

Just like the name suggests, this massage tool targets specific points where you feel tightness. When you visit a massage therapist, they will give a deep tissue massage, and this is always painful, though beneficial especially when they press into specific joints using their thumb or elbow, holding until the tension releases. Now, this is the exact massage tool you use to achieve this on your own.

It lets you release pain and tension in your shoulders as well as in the trapezius muscles. It also tackles the large erector muscles in your glutes and on the back. Massage pressure is also regulated by you, so you can deep in or ease out as you feel comfortable.

5. The Still Point Inducer Still Point Inducer Massage

You’ll find that the Still Point Inducer is a godsend where neck pain is concerned. If you tend to experience tension headaches or neck tightness, this is the right tool for you. With this massage therapy tool, simply lay down and place it under your neck – right under the base of your skull. Just lay down for about 5 minutes.

With the Still Point Inducer, you’ll feel your head, neck and body unwind mysteriously. To spice up things, keep the foam roller beneath your knees so that your spine is positioned appropriately. You’ll feel even more relaxed.

With the five self-massage options above, you can be your own N8 Touch Bloomington, IL massage therapist without subjecting yourself to injury. These tools are also portable enough to carry around as they can fit inside a standard-size travel bag. Take charge of your own health.